Public Works


Ford City is consisted of approximately .7 square miles. The Street Department maintains our borough roads and streets totaling approximately 13.4 miles. This includes both paved and brick roads. They also maintain numerous city owned parking lots, parking meter areas, and sidewalks. In addition, the crew performs various programs throughout the year including the spring clean up days, road paving, garbage collection, street sweeping and line painting.

Garage Services- Vogel 

Vogel Disposal Inc has been awarded a 3 year contract for garbage services in Ford City Borough 1/1/2021-12/31/2023. More information will be posted 12/15/20 on routes and communication from Vogel.

Line Painting:

Once a year during the summer, the Public Works Department does line painting in various areas around the borough. This includes numerous cross-walks and parking stalls on both Borough and State roads as well as warning messages on the pavement and handicap stalls in City parking lots. The more highly traveled cross-walks are painted twice a year, the second time being just before school starts in the fall.

Sign Program:

The City Street Department has the responsibility of maintaining over 300 signs in Ford City. There are three different groups of signs throughout the City.

These groups include:

  • Regulatory Signs (stop, speed limit, one-way, no parking, etc.)
  • Warning Signs (intersection ahead, watch children, curve, park entrances, etc.)
  • Information Signs (street names, firehalls, etc.)

These signs are located on both Borough and State highways.

Snow Removal:

The Street Department is responsible for the removal of snow and ice on all City maintained roads and streets. In addition, the Department is also responsible for snow removal for the fire department parking lot, one City Hall parking lot, one municipal parking lot, parking meter areas along our business district, and several hundred feet of sidewalks.

The general rule is that plowing occurs after an accumulation of 2″ or more of snow has fallen. Less than 2″ of accumulation of snow requires only salting of roadways, etc.  A priority system has been established to best serve the majority of the motoring public with roads and streets broken down into primary and secondary routes.

During non-working hours, the Ford City Police Department monitors the road and street conditions and determines when a “callout” is necessary. Post-storm activities, including street widening, drifts, and cleanup of intersections, take place after all roads and streets are passable. Street Department employees must travel approximately 26 miles to plow each road and street two passes wide.

Street Sweeping:

Every year in the spring, the Public Works Department sweeps the entire paved borough maintained roads and streets as well as one Penndot road. These roads and streets are broken up into Streets and Avenue areas, generally completing every other week, weather and equipment permitting. Throughout the summer, the business district is swept every week. Generally, the sweeping program concludes the last week of October.

Residents/Property owners within the sweeping areas are to place the material from their property to the gutter line and not pile it on top of storm grates. Material is not to be spread out into the roadway. Residents are asked not to sweep the material out to the curb/gutter line until the week your road/street are scheduled to be swept.

Traffic Lights:

The City Street Department maintains approximately 1 set of traffic signals and two sets of crosswalk warning signals throughout the borough. These traffic lights are maintained by the Borough of Ford City but are permitted through PennDOT. Maintenance of these traffic signals include, but are not limited to, changing of light bulbs, maintaining loop detectors in the pavement, and monitoring computer activities inside the traffic light.

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