Parks & Recreation

Recreational opportunities in Ford City are at a premium for its residents. Currently, the Borough has four parks/playgrounds available, totaling almost seven (7) acres about 2.5% of the total land area. These four parks/playgrounds provide a variety of recreation activities, however they are relatively small in size, with the largest 7th Ave playground or “Malec Park” ┬áproviding a ball field and basketball facility.

The playground 7th Avenue and Boulder Park consists of open space and the Ford City Borough Park consists of passive recreation benches, gazebo, and sidewalks.

The Ford View Park is located at the top of the ridge and services those Borough residents with limited playground equipment.

In addition to the recreational land use classifications has been the donation of one hundred eighty (180) acres from PPG to the Borough in the early 70s. The fact that it is across the river and almost one mile from Ford City in North Buffalo Township, however, prevents easy access to the residents. This property has been partially developed with three ballfields, one concession stand, two (2) volleyball courts, one pavilion and several picnic tables. The recreational use area consists of approximately 16.5 acres.

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