December 7, 2016

Police Department

As of January 2021, the department is employed by Chief Scott Haslett, 3 full time officers and multiple part-time police officers to meet the needs of our community.  As of October 2021, the department appointed an Officer In Charge,  Kyle Lewis.  Staffing is augmented in response to a number ordinance and crime issues in order to provide at least minimal 24-hour/7-day coverage with additional coverage by Pennsylvania State Police.

Parking is enforced by Ford City Police Department. Code Enforcement is through Codes Officer Kayla Shaffer.

The Department also has an Administrative Assistant who performs clerical duties, including scheduling of court appearances, filing, and preparing Uniform Crime Reports (UCR).

The Department provides all police services, including patrol, traffic enforcement, and investigation of crimes, to a population of 2,991 in an area of 0.8 square miles.

Police Headquarters is located in Borough Hall at 1000 4th Avenue.

Phone Number: 724-763-9024

Office Email:

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