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Stormwater Management


It’s important to understand the difference.  Storm drains and sanitary sewers have two distinct functions.

Storm drains collect and transport runoff from rainfall.  Typically these are the drains found in streets and in parking lots.  Storm drain systems do no remove pollutants from water before it is discharged into streams and rivers.

Sanitary sewers collect wastewater from indoor plumbing such as toilets, sinks, washing machines and floor drains and take it to a sewage treatment plant.  The treatment plant removes any pollutants from wastewater before it is discharged to the river.

Municipal Stormwater

DEP: Stormwater Brochure “When it rains it drains”

DEP Municipal Stormwater

Stormwater Management Act

FEMA Flood maps

Community Outreach

National Flood Insurance Program


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