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Along the banks of the Allegheny River lies the town of Ford City, Pennsylvania, a town founded by Captain John B. Ford in 1887. Captain Ford built the Pittsburgh Plate Glass factory, located within the Borough, which supplied the primary fire protection to the residents of Ford City. The P.P. G. fire department consisted of a 13-man brigade highly trained in fire prevention and firefighting techniques. The fire department boasted over 800 pieces of fire suppression equipment, including hundreds of extinguishers and pull stations located throughout Works Four, Works Six, and Shop Two of the Ford City plant. The company averaged six to twelve small fires a year, which were quickly, extinguished with no major disruption to the daily working of the plant. As the town increased in size, it became obvious that there was a need for increased fire protection within the Borough, which would be met by the members of Ford City Hose Company No. 1. On the night of December 20, 1900, a group of men met in session as Hose Company No.1 of Ford City, Pennsylvania, thus beginning our 100-year history. The department now has 25-40 members and covers Ford City Borough, Codogan Township, and portions of North Buffalo Township as its primary responses area.


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Pictured above (L-R)is Former 90 Rescue, Engine 2, Engine 1, 90 Squad

Pictured above is the current 90 Rescue

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